Time To Ride Volvos

I replayed that Time To Ride: Saddles & Stables girlie game today in order to collect a few more screenshots for MobyGames. I found the nearby town and checked out the commerce center. When I took a good look around the virtual parking lot, I noticed something a little odd:

Time To Ride: Saddles & Stables — Time to ride Volvos!

That’s right: 2 out of 3 patrons drive Volvos, and the exact same model. That’s the correct shield on the grill and everything. I wonder if the developers had to license the model?

Anyway, I honestly want to like this game. It’s a good effort, but the play control is so awkward and the camera scheme leaves much to be desired. For example, when I happen to wander behind the storefront:

Time To Ride: Saddles & Stables — Stuck behind trash cans

I actually got stuck when the camera ducked down behind the trash cans and I could not figure out where I was. Hey, is that box measuring in liters? Well, this game was developed by a Scandinavian outfit. That might explain both the measurement units and the bias in automobiles.

So you know, there is more to this girlie game than just horseback riding– there’s also the brave quest to stand tall in the face of gossip. These kids stand around behind the store and chastise you for the way you dress and the people with whom you choose to consort:

Time To Ride: Saddles & Stables — Ward off gossip teens

Our city girl Amanda heroically faces down each verbal onslaught. We salute you, Amanda, with a vociferous, “you go, girl!” And if, for whatever reason, Amanda acquiesces to the derision, she can always buy new clothes in the game.

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