Acquisition Log: Ohio Distinctive Software

Awhile ago, I covered 2 educational titles from an outfit called Ohio Distinctive Software (ODS): GeoRunner and Superheroes Math Challenge. I recently found an eBay lot consisting of more than a dozen ODS titles, including GeoRunner and a duplicate of one game; 14 discs in total. Most of them aren’t in the database yet.

Many of them appear to be bilingual (English/Spanish). Here is the first half dozen:

ODS Software Set 1
Click for larger image

The inventory:

  • ODS Amazing Art Corner– I’m guessing this is either art history or activities
  • Master Gecko’s Home Row– presumably a typing game
  • The Daily FUNdaMentals– perhaps a trivia game
  • Twins’ Challenge / El roto de los mellizos– no idea on this one
  • Mongro’s Monstrous Money Math / Las Monstruosas Matematicas– probably basic financial management
  • Robob’s Cubetronic Quizimajig

And the other half:

ODS Software Set 2
Click for larger image

  • Intergalactic Rocket Factory / Fabrica de cohetes intergalacticos– don’t know what this is, but it sounds like fun! Then again, it’s supposed to be educational, so maybe not
  • The Mammoth Food Dig / La Gran Aventura de los Alimentos– likely an exercise in proper nutrition
  • The Groovin’ Gourmet– cooking?
  • Edgar’s Language Exploration / Exploracion de Idiomas de Edgar
  • Quadrinarian Qword Find: The Search For Meaning– maybe this is a simple grid word search puzzle dressed up with a weird title
  • Painter Bear’s Language Bridge / Puente de Idiomas Del Oso Pintor

Some other recent pickups:

Africa Trail; Hot Shots: Tarzan; Dance With ABC
Click for larger image

  • Big box copy of The Africa Trail, cousin to the venerable Oregon Trial series; even comes with a copy of The Oregon Trail on CD-ROM, alleged to be a $50 value; humorously, when I got around to opening the box, the Africa Trail CD-ROM was missing, though the Oregon Trail CD-ROM was still present, as were several other Africa Trail artifacts
  • Really Wild Animals: Swinging Safari Explore and Print, by National Geographic Interactive– MindScape is also mentioned; copyright 1997; not sure if this is a game or not
  • Disney’s Hot Shots: Tarzan Jungle Tumble— I have a certain fondness for this series of late 1990’s Disney casual games
  • Dance With ABC– companies mentioned include Softworks and GT Interactive; it’s really hard to find information about this game since Googling for the name only returns results for Dancing With The Stars which happens to air on ABC

Care Bears; Gus Goes To Cyberopolis; I Spy Fantasy; Extreme Arcade Games
Click for larger image

  • Care Bears: Care-A-Lot Jamboree– MobyGames has a nice collection of Care Bears titles but this one has slipped through the cracks
  • Gus Goes To Cyberopolis– full name is “Modern Media Ventures Presents A Gus & The Cyberbuds Learning Adventure: Gus Goes To Cyberopolis”; MobyGames has a record of Gus Goes To Cybertown, which is apparently a separate title
  • I Spy Fantasy
  • Nickolodeon Rocket Power: Extreme Arcade Games

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