Acquisition Log: 2013-03-01

It has been a slow few months for collecting old games that no one cares about. However, I have managed to accumulate a few choice items that still enjoy no representation in the MobyGames database:

Barbie: Swan Lake; Dear America; Infinity City; Rock Tour Tycoon

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  • Barbie: Swan Lake: The Enchanted Forest — Yep, I will never run out of Barbie games to enter
  • Dear America: Friend to Friend — Not sure if this is technically a game or not but my curiosity was piqued by the cover copy boasting “featuring FriendLink Technology: Non-Online Chat”. Not sure if “non-online” is a synonym for offline.
  • Infinity City: The Gigglebone Gang by Headbone Interactive; other titles chronicling the Gigglebone Gang include AlphaBonk Farm and Pantsylvania– nearly every name in this series seems strangely suspect.
  • Rock Tour Tycoon — Embellishing my collection of odd “Tycoon” titles. “Dream it! Manage it! Rock it!” Also, “MP3 included.” Not sure what that means.

I have acquired 2 titles in some “Elroy” series from different sources:

Elroy: Goes Bugzerk & Hits the Pavement

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There’s a dedicated wiki for this series. The wiki gives me the impression that Elroy Goes Bugzerk and Elroy Hits the Pavement are the only 2 games in the series.

Other items, including 2 titles that originally came from fast food restaurants:

Nutcracker; Martha Speaks; Pokemon: Gotta Make Em All; Etherium Rescue; Fun Bundle II

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  • Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker: The Music Game
  • Martha Speaks: Martha’s in the Middle — I don’t know which of those segments is the title and which is the subtitle. The disc is marked as 5 of 5 and was distributed by Chick-Fil-A restaurants.
  • Pokemon: Gotta MAKE ’em All! (Red) This appears to be a creativity tool rather than a game. A little searching reveals that there is also a blue version of the disc.
  • Disney’s Treasure Planet: Etherium Rescue — distributed by McDonalds and appears to only be a demo
  • Fun Bundle II for Mac — 4 games:

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